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2011 - Articles published in The EMC Journal
Professionals against Powerline: The EMCIA gets involved.

The Ofcom statement on PLT
Tim Williams, Elmac Services

2010 - Articles published in The EMC Journal
Measurements of VHF emissions from PLT Devices
by Jonathan Stott, Jonathan Stott Consulting

Environmental Effects of the widespread deployment of high speed Power Line Communiction - Cumulative Effects on Signal/Noise ratio for Radio Systems
by Richard Marshall, Richard Marshall Ltd.   Note: This article has an extensive bibliography about environmental and cumulative effects of PLT.

Ofcom PLT Report.   Ofcom report conducted by PA Consulting Group. Download here.

Greedy PLT documentClick here to download.

Articles published in The EMC Journal (all pdf)
PLT and broadcasting – can they co-exist? By Jonathan Stott, BBC Research & Development (2004)
Why broadband PLT is bad for EMC by Tim Williams, Elmac Services (2009)
Headroom for PLT – is it necessary? By Richard Marshall, Richard Marshall Ltd (2009)
RF Emissions of Powerline Ethernet adaptors by Tim Williams, Elmac Services (2009)

Report on PLT - October 2009

CISPR rejected drafts (2008)

NATO Report - Potential Effects of Broadband Wire-Line Telecommunications on the HF Spectrum

Discussion document from the EC for the working party in June 2009

Letter from Günter Verheugen VP Euro Commission to Ms Caroline Lucas MEP dated 21 April 2009 re radio amateur’s concerns about PLC.

Joint Working Group Meeting March 2004

Commission recommendation 6 April 2005 published in OJ
CLC/TC210 Meeting November 2004
PLC Workshop October 2003

ECANB – Group of Notified Bodies under the EMC Directive
Technical Guidance Note TGN 17 - April 2008 Version 1.0  
Technical Guidance Note TGN 17 - April 2009 Version 1.1
Technical Guidance Note TGN 17 - July 2009 Version 2.0    

Request for comment and proposed rule making July 2009
News story from Interference Technology News May 2008
Tests carried out in 2003 - Initial Results and Test Results
Inquiry into BPL Systems April 2003

OFCOM - Federal Office of Communications (Switzerland)
Swiss Contribution of EMC Working Party on PLC Nov 2004

IEE position statement Nov 2003

Correspondence between ADDX and the EU (all pdf)
EU-submission-ADDX-01 30 sept 2003
EU-submission-ADDX-02-answer 13 Nov 2003
EU-submission-ADDX-03 14 Jan 2004
EU-submission-ADDX-04-answer 26 Mar 2004
EU-submission-ADDX-05 23 June 2004
EU-submission-ADDX-06-answer 6 Aug 2004
EU-submission-ADDX-07-memo-05-119 8 Apr 2005
EU-submission-ADDX-08 5 August 2005
EU-submission-ADDX-09-answer 30 Aug 2005

CEPT Workshop for WRC-2003, Brussels, 19-21 November 2001 (pdf)
The Protection of the Aeronautical spectrum in Europe

Radio Amateurs of Canada
Power Line Communications (webpage)

RA (Radiocommunications Agency) archive
Broadband non-Radio Technology information page (webpage)
Informative Notice August 2001 (webpage)
Radiation Limits and Measurement Specification Jan2003 (pdf)
Letter explaining position sent 27 March 2002 (Word)
Consultation Letter sent 10 June 2002 (Word)
Consultation Results Letter sent 6 February 2003 (Word)
Revised document sent with the above Results Letter (Word)
RA Emission Tests (Word)
Explanatory Note on the Intended Telecommunication Interference Procedure (webpage)

York EMC Services - report commissioned by RA
Report (pdf)
Presentation (ppt)

7th International Symposium on Power-Line Communications and its Applications, Koyto, Japan, March 2003
Interference Measurements in HF and UHF Bands Caused by Extension of Power Line Communication Bandwidth for Astronomical purpose. (pdf)
Sharing Studies Between the Radio Astronomy Telescopes and the Power Line Communication Systems in the HF Region. (pdf)

Joint Workshop on Powerline Communications – Brussels, 16 October 2003
Agenda (pdf)

Session I - Context:
Introduction and Input Stakeholders (ppt)

Session II - Situation reports
UK PLC position paper (pdf)
UK PLC presentation (ppt)
Austria PLC contribution (Word)
Finland PLC comments (Word)
Finland PLC interference results (Word)
Finland PLC presentation (ppt)
Germany PLC contribution (Word)
Netherlands PLC contribution (Word)
Netherlands PLC presentation (ppt)
Spain PLC presentation (ppt)
Switzerland PLC contribution (pdf)
Switzerland PLC field trial (pdf)

Session III - Assessment of the electromagnetic environment:
Independent academic assessment (ppt)
JWG presentation (ppt)

Session IV - Assessment of the competitive situation in the market for broadband access:
Commission presentation

Stakeholders inputs:
A Roberts radio amateur
ADDX contribution
AGZ contribution
Andreas Weller contribution
A Wood Electronic Engineer
ARD contribution
Austrian economic chamber contribution
AUTEL contribution
Brendan Minish contribution
BBC contribution
BBC contribution addition
David Lee radio amateur
Dave Johnson Astronomy magazine
Deutsche Telekom contribution1
Deutsche Telekom contribution2
Deutsche Telekom letter
Deutscher Telegrafie contribution
DIN contribution
DIN letter
DRM Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium contribution
EBU letter 29 June 2003
EBU letter 29 Sept 2003
EBU report Oct 2003
Eurelectric letter
Eurelectric PUA contribution
Fabien Bernardini Ham Radio Operator
Fidel Leon radio amateur
France Telecom Bernard Dupres contribution
Gerard Giraud radio amateur
Gert-Jan Dam radio amateur
International Amateur Radio Union Region 1
Irish Radio Transmitters Society
Jacques Swinghedauw
John Ronan Radio Spectrum user
Kai Siebels
Medea contribution
OeVSV ARRL study
OeVSV BBC Protection of sensitive receiving sites
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper AM broadcasting
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Cumulative effects
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Digital Radio Mondiale features and requirements
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Digital Radio Mondiale long term test results
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Digital Radio Mondiale revitalising the bands
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Do EMC limits protect
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper Emission Limits
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper How best to protect radio
OeVSV BBC R&D White paper The effects of PLT
OeVSV contribution
OeVSV Radio Netherlands study
Paul Widger
Peter Thoms radio amateur
Portugal Telecom contribution
PTF Power Line Telecommunications Forum contribution
PUA contribution
PUA letter
R de Vre EMC Consultant
Radio Society of Great Britain contribution
Rene Altena radio amateur
Richard Hankins radio amateur
Samuel Hunt
TDF contribution
Tim Masson Engineer Agilent Technologies
Ulrich Onken radio amateur
Vesa Tervo radio amateur
VEO letter
VEO EVN contribution Attachment 1
VEO LINZ AG contribution Att2 Part A
VEO LINZ AG contribution Att2 Part B
VEO LINZ AG contribution Att2 Part C
VEO TIWAG contribution Attachment 3
Wendelin Reuter annex
Wendelin Reuter contribution



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