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5 Key Advancements in Conductive Paint Technology

A Guide to ESD

AC Technology Systems - a New Force in EMC Technology.

Achieving EMC Compliance

Achieving EMC for DC-DC Converters

A Commercial Case for Compliance "The Extra Mile"

Adding Up Emissions.

Affordable EMC Compliance for PC Assemblers!.

A Method of Accurately Measuring Shielding Effectiveness of Materials in Electronic Products

A New Concept in Third Party EMC Testing & Consulting.

A New Facility for Antenna Calibration

A New Technique for Conducted Emission Measurements

A Novel Approach to the Development of an EMC Test Facility.

ANSI & IEE co-operate on Protection Relay System Tests

Applying Standards for EMC to Multi-Function Equipment

A Practical Interference Free Audio System (Part 1)

A Practical Interference Free Audio System (Part 2)

A Study in Emission and Immunity Measurements in GTEM Cells above 1 GHz

Are You Hearing Me?.

Audio Frequency Induction Loops and EMC.

Automotive 'e' Marking: The UK Dilemma

Banana Skins Compendium

Basic Techniques of Intrinsically Safe Circuit Assessment

Bonding Cable Shields at both ends to reduce noise

Book Reviews - Jan/Feb 1998.

Boxing Clever

BT Laboratories open their doors to commercial EMC testing.

Building an Open Area Test Site (OATS) for Antenna Calibration

Caddsdown comes to Schaffner for conducted immunitytesters.

CE Marking does not mean products are safe, says WHICH?.

CE-marked drives help speed time-to-market.

CENELEC comments on EN 61000-3-2 Harmonics

Choosing and using filters.

Click Analyser: The Italian Job?

Co-locating QinetiQ's Major EM Test Facilities

Combination Gaskets in Modern Enclosure Designs.

Condensation: An Electrical Enclosure's Nightmare

Connector Filters - A Traceable Maintenance Method.


Compliance with EMC Legislation for High VoltageSwitchgear & Controlgear Assemblies.

Combined Sealing

Consultant's Column.

Consultant's Column.

Consultant's Column.

Countdown to July 2003

Cove Industries - A Bastion of EMC Solutions.

Cranfield Aerospace chooses SRS

Current Trends in EMC Conformity

Cutting the cost of EMC compliance.

Dave's Column.

Design Techniques for EMC Part 1: Circuit design and choice of components for EMC.

Design Techniques for EMC Part 2: Cables and Connectors.

Design Techniques for EMC Part 3: Filters and Surge Protection Devices

Design Techniques for EMC Part 4: Shielding

Design Techniques for EMC Part 5: PCB Design and Layout

Design Techniques for EMC Part 6: ESD, dips, flicker, dropouts, electromechanical switching, and power factor correction.

Designing for Interference-free Audio System Components

eEurope - an Information Society for All

Effective ESD Transient Voltages Surge Suppression in New, High Speed Circuits

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Inside a Hard Disk Drive due to External ESD

Electronic BSE

EMC Concepts


EMC Design Risk Assessment

EMC Directive - The Sequel

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 0 & Part 1

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 2

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 3

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 4

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 5

EMC for Systems and Installations: Part 6

EMC Guidance Notes on UK Regulations May 1995.

EMC In the Motor Industry

EMC and Safety for Prototype Wiremen and Assemblers: A Two Day Course at Exeter University

EMC - Since the first UK prosecutions

EMC Test Standards for Automotive Electronic Components

EMC Testing Part 1 - Radiated Emissions

EMC Testing Part 2 - Conducted Emissions

EMC Testing Part 3 - Fast Transient Burst, Surge, Electrostatic Discharge

EMC Testing Part 4 - Radiated Immunity

EMC Testing Part 5 - Conducted Immunity

EMC Testing Part 6 - Low frequency magnetic fields (emissions and immunity); mains dips, dropouts, interruptions, sags, brownouts and swells

EMC Testing of Traffic Law Enforcement Devices, specifically relating to potential TETRA and GSM interference

EMC: the hidden enemy of your equipment. Manage it and turn it into a friend

EMC of Variable Speed Drives

EMCTLA Comments on the HOT UK Prosecution

EMCTLA Meeting discussed the problems solved and created by Standards IEC61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3

EMI Noise Reduction Tape using Magnetic Alloy Films

Emissions Case Study

Enforcement of the EMC Regulations in the Workplace.

EN 60335 - Safely Complying

Equipment Complying and EMC Testing

Equipping the LVD Test Laboratory

European EMC Journal Commission EMC Guidelines.

European Non-compliance with the EMC Directive.

Feedthrough Filter Problems

Filter Technology delivers new levels of performance in surge protection and RF performance

Filters for Motor Drives - Some special design considerations.

Focus No.5.

Focus on Laplace Instruments Ltd.

Formed EMI Shields - the green replacement for conductive paint and plating for plastic housings

GSM Conformance Testing


Haefely Expand in UK.

Harmonics and Flicker EN61000-3-2 & 3

Harmonics and Flicker - the low frequency end of the EMC spectrum

Harmonic Current Standards - The End of the Line?

Heat Shrink Solutions to EMC

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How Safety and EMC integrate with the R&TTE

IEE 10th International Conferences on EMC Workshop Initiatives report relating to EMC Management for Hazardous Installations.

Immunity Case Study

Integrated Inductive Component Reduces Radiated Emissions in Power Applications

Integrating Electromagnetic & Thermal Design

Interference and Mobile Communications Equipment

John Woodgate's Column January 2002

John Woodgate's Column March 2002

John Woodgate's Column May 2002

John Woodgate's Column July 2002

John Woodgate's Column September 2002

John Woodgate's Column November 2002

John Woodgate's Column January 2003

John Woodgate's Column March 2003

John Woodgate's Column May 2003

John Woodgate's Column July 2003

John Woodgate's Column September 2003

John Woodgate's Column November 2003

John Woodgate's Column January 2004

Keith Armstrong Portfolio

Knitted Wire over elastomer core-now UL 94-V0 recognised

Just Another Board Design, But With Integrity

Maintenance can violate EMC integrity

Market partnership agreed between Applied Coating Technologies and Quality Plated Plastics

Moving from IEEE488/RS232 Connectors to Ethernet

New Conductive Foam Outperforms Conventional I/O EMI Gaskets

New Lightweight Formable Shields

New Profile Design Reduces EMI and Assembly Costs - an applications note

Now Is the Time to Comply with the R&TTE Directive

Online Field Strength Monitoring in Mode-Stirred Chambers

"Our Quality System has identified..."

Outdoor Noise Regulations

Overcoming Technical Barriers to Trade - A Practical Overview

Perancea Design Capabilities prove sound for Noise Emitter Repackaging

PHILIPS Integrates Solutions for EMI and ESD in a Single Package

Procedural TCFs.

Preparing for the Future - The WEEE and ROHS Directives

Probing the Magnetic Field Probe

Product Safety - connection to external power sources -the implications of hazardous voltages, energy and power.

Product Safety - implications of internal power suppliesand energy sources.

Product Safety - Physical and Mechanical Considerations.

Product Safety: Quality versus Product Space.

Product Safety: Safety, Product Safety, Directives and Standards.

Proposal regarding Power Line Telecommunications (PLT or PLC)

Protecting Components Against Damage .

Protecting the Beat of Life

QinetiQ redefines its Qualification Services

R&TTE DIRECTIVE A Realistic Approach for Radio Equipment

Railway Safety - The Impact of EMC

Report on the EMCTLA Workshop on 12 February 2001

Reverberation (Mode-Stirred) Chambers for Electromagnetic Compatibility

RF Emissions Certification for Large Systems: A Risk-Management Approach

RFI Shielding Limited acquired for £9Million.

Rohde & Schwarz; The One Stop Shop For EMC.

Room for a View: A discussion on emissionsmeasurement.

SAR Testing

Shielding at PCB Level

Shortcomings of Simple EMC Filters

Shortening time to market - Wireless Lan Approvals

Signal Integrity and EMC.

SLIM Progress Report.


Sounding Out Noise

Standards for the Management of Potential Health Risks of EM Fields

Study of the effect on Industry of complying with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.

Report of the SLIM III Team on Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89/336/EEC as amended)

The Radiomark® Scheme

The Use of Mode Stirred Chambers For Characterising The Shielding Effectiveness Of RF Gaskets and Materials.

Subjecting Failure Modes in Immunity Tests to Uncertainty Analysis.

Taking the Headache out of the RTTE Approval

Telecommunications Network Equipment and Current NEBS Requirements

Test Houses into 1997.

Testing. Developments towards lower costs and increased efficiency

Testing Systems and Installations.

Testing Times!

Testing Times - The Complexities of Validating the Safe Operation of Automotive Systems

Testing to Confirm Product Safety Compliance.

Testing to Confirm Product Safety Compliance No. 2.

The 2003 IEEE EMC International Symposium, Istanbul, 11-16 May 2003

The Ambient Problem

The 'Amended' EMC Directive

The Application of Computational Electromagnetics to EMC

The ATEX Directive

The Background to the HIRF Requirements for Civil Aerospace.

The concept of uncertainty of measurement.

The Devil is in the Detail

The Effects of the Immunity Requirements of the EMC Directive on ITE Products.

The EMC Directive - Necessary Interpretation

The Third Certainty

The Future for Anechoic Chambers?.

The Harder you work, the luckier you get

The HP Way.

The IEE's 10th International EMC Conference.

The Impact of the Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive on Electronics Manufacturers

The Low Voltage Directive.

The Measurement of EMC Characteristics in Small Fully Anechoic Rooms

The New Approach: Sixteen Years On

The Proposed Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive.

The Use of computational Electromagnetics in the Estimation of Enclosure Shielding Effectiveness/a>

Total Compliance Solutions for the Future

Towards the Millennium.

Triple C - A Success Story

TUV Portfolio

Underpinning Standards for Positive CE Management

Understanding Common Mode Interference

Understanding the European Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive 99/5/EC

Understanding the European Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive 99/5/EC (PART 2)

Using Purge and Pressurisation to Prevent Explosions

Vision with Shielding.

What Class are you in? The argument for the use of class A Amplifiers in Radiated Immunity testing.

What is Potentially Explosive Atmosphere Certification and why you may need it!

When it comes to Filters, Siemens are True Masters of their Craft.

Where Do We Go Now? The History of Quality Standards

Why Digital Engineers Don't Believe In EMC

York... What does it mean to you?

York EMC 2003